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This is the general info form that I will send to all brides to fill out so I can get the timeline done and music set up. I am always here to offer suggestions.  I need this filled out and emailed back at least 2 months before the wedding so I can make any necessary adjustments and corrections. There is a mock timeline on the bottom to give you an idea of how your day can flow smoothly!!! Do not fill out the "mock" timeline. It is simply a visual for you to see how the day should be set up.

General Information
Bride's Name:   
Groom's Name:
Wedding Date: 
Will the DJ provide music for your ceremony (must be same venue): 
Ceremony:  begin time: 
Reception/cocktail times:  Start:                    End:
Will you be using the photo booth:
What are your colors:
What wording would you like on your pics (photo booth):
Banquet Venue: 
Number of Guests:
Room Name:
Contact Person:
Venue Phone Number:
Guest Arrival Time:   
Bridal Party Arrival Time:    
DJ Attire: Will it be ok for the DJ to wear a nice shirt and tie or polo and khakies if outdoors and hot:
What floor is the room on:
Setting:  indoors or outdoors? 
Elevator: what floor will we be set up on? 
Parents of Bride:
Parents of Groom:
General Reception Questions
Will a meal be provided for the DJs (there will be 2 djs and a photo booth attendant)? Will you have a vendor table set up for dinner for all of your vendors?  
DJ will bring his own table. We will need 2 chairs please
For the photo booth (if being used) we will need two 6-8ft tables and a chair 

Ceremony Highlights:
Preseating:   6-7 songs while guests are finding seats
                         bridal party enters----need a song
                         bride---father enter---- need a song
                        recessional----- when everyone comes back down the aisle

Reception Highlights

Cocktail Music:  We usually play light love songs--- your guests do not pay attention to this music but it is good for the background. This is the time you are getting pictures done
Cocktail Music Type:  love songs ok?

Bridal Party Introduction Song:   Need a song   (pumped up)
Bridal Party Introductions Bridesmaid & Groomsman: Please list them in the order they will be announced during introductions. #1 will be the first announced and going in order to the Maid Of Honor/Best Man
                 Song???  For the Bridal Party—we suggest using something like: I Gotta Feeling, Party Rock Anthem, Pitbulls Dont Stop The Party or something similar to get the guests “pumped up”   I need the names in order of introductions (please spell the names as they are pronounced)
(1):Bridesmaid:                                                 & Groomsman:
(2):Bridesmaid:                                                 & Groomsman:
(3):Bridesmaid:                                                 & Groomsman:
(4):Bridesmaid:                                                 & Groomsman:
(5): Matron of Honor:                                      & Best Man: 

Bride/Groom Introduction Song:   Need a different song   (pumped up)
How do you want to be introduced?  Mr and Mrs ?
Blessing:                                     Who will give it?

Dinner Music:   slow love songs
Dinner Type: buffet or plated?  If buffet---do you need the DJ to release tables?

Toast: Will champagne be poured to everyone or just the bridal table? If the champagne is just for the bridal table, the DJ can announce  that everyone can get a drink ahead of time.
Toast By: Maid of Honor (5 mins)

                  Best Man  ( 5 mins)
Cake Cutting:                     Would you like a soft song played in the background or maybe something like Pour Some Sugar on Me or Sugar Sugar?

Bride and Groom Song:

Bride and Father (name) Song: 

Groom and Mother (name) Song:
Bouquet Song:

Garter Toss Song:

Party begins:

Last Dance Song: 

Songs we would like to hear: Please try and list 20-30 songs if you can for us to use as a request list for your guests and we know you will be happy to hear

Songs you absolutely do not want to hear:

Artists we like:

Artists we do not like:

This is a sample timeline and is flexible:
“Mock” Timeline--- this is just a sample guide to show the order in which the events should take place   Times are only for examples

For ceremony:

4:00  Preseating--need 6-7 songs
4:30  Bridal party -- need song
           Bride -- Father enter  --- need song
          Unity candle or sand ceremony--- we can do a light instrumental
          Recessional--- need song
                         For Reception
5:00---6:00     Cocktails:  this is usually when we play light love songs and easy listening music while the bride and groom get pictures taken

6:40  Get bridal party lined up for introductions
6:45     Bridal Party Introductions---  we need to know who you want to be introduced from first to last         We will do this to one song (Party Rock Anthem or I Gotta Feelin ---- for example)
1)      Bridesmaid---- Groomsman
2)      Bridesmaid ----- Groomsman
3)      Bridesmaid----- Groomsman
4)     Maid of Honor---- Best Man
6:50    Bride/Groom Introductions ---- Need a song---pumped up            
      How do you want to be introduced----- Mr and Mrs____________?????
6:55 Blessing or Welcome----- need to know who will do this
7:00   Dinner        Easy listening, love songs
7:50   We will ask if you are ready to have champagne poured.
8:00   Toast ----- maid of honor    5 mins please
8:05   Toast----- Best man         5 mins please
8:10   Cake cutting----- light instrumental played in the background
8:15   Bride/Groom first dance---- need song
8:20  Bride/Father dance--- need song
8:25  Groom/Mom dance------ need song
8:30  Bouquet toss---- need song
8:35  Garter toss ----  need song
8:40  Dance Floor opens
11:55  Last Dance
Just remember this is just a sample timeline!!