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"Brian and Simona did an excellent job. They set up my timeline, showed up two hours early, and went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect. The photo booth was a perfect addition. Everyone had a great time. And their prices were very affordable. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a professional and affordable .DJ and photo booth service. These guys are great."

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contracted Rockin time DJ Services for a photo booth back in March paid my deposit, come July 19th no call no show had to call them on my wedding day and the day afterwards Simona finally returned my call explaining what happened daughter went into labor but never the less she runs a business a phone call would of been appreciated long story short had to work with her to receive my deposit back didn't get it when promised told me she had bills to pay as if I didn't have my own. Promised to pay 150 by July 30th that I did not receive until 5th and the remainer by the 15th or sooner still haven't received it and I had to email her and then she wanted to be smart about it has if I owed her only received 100 but yet to receive the rest of my money it is AUG18TH the 19th will make it a month after my wedding and I still don't have my money and she says this has never happen before yea right oh yea she did say she was sorry n was gone give me extra $ n a free photo booth but I cant the money she owes me VERY UNPROFESSIONAL WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!! 

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2+ years ago

Brian and Simona were the best choices for helping us in planning our wedding and providing the music for our ceremony/reception. Simona set up a timeline that was perfect in every way. Brian was great at reading the crowd and playing all music we requested. You guys were THE BEST!!


Brian and Simona were wonderful to work with and made our wedding a night to remember! Simona spent a great deal of time working out details our venue sprung on us about a month before the event and she worked with us to make sure the songs we selected were perfect. They provided the music for our ceremony as well as the music for our reception dinner and dancing. Simona made announcements and helped coordinate where we needed it during the reception and worked well with Brian who kept the music going and between the two of them our guests had a fabulous time. I've gotten several compliments from guests of ours on their services for the day. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to work with someone who is truly looking to help them make their event special.


This husband and wife team was fantastic. They kept my crowd dancing and we never did any silly chicken dance, ymca or dollar dances. We wanted great music from beginning to end and that is what they produced. The quality was good, only issues were a couple times there was false starts or songs interrupted by other songs. The only other issue was it took a day or two to get emails back. However, the price of this team was worth every penny because they are substantially cheaper than others. They do assist anywhere needed. They do deserve a great tip because of how inexpensive they are and the fact that they do not charge to stay longer and keep the guests dancing!


Simona was very friendly and always got back to me asap. They did a great job with our timeline the day of our wedding. The DJ played music our guests requested and everyone had a great time! The only down fall was our photo booth camera burning out before the reception started, but the money was returned for that portion.


I could have not picked a better dj couple! Not only are they well priced but Simona went above and beyond her job. You guys we're amazing! Thank you so much love you


They were absolutely great. Adding the photo booth was the best move, a huge success and book included to boot! They went above and beyond what we ever expected!!

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3+ years ago

I decided on Rockin' Times because the owner was extremely personable and I really felt she would make my wedding special. I was very pleased with my choice but in the end I never ended up meeting the owner, Rockin' Times contracted my wedding out and I didn't find out until two days before. That was outputting. I was so happy that I didn't say anything on my wedding day but it was obvious that the contracted DJ hadn't looked too much into our information because some of the music was very off from what I had asked for and he got one of my bridesmaids names wrong, repeating one girls name twice and not mentioning another at all, and then introducing my maid of honor with my name rather than hers. He was very nice and everyone had fun but these little annoyances could have been avoided with better preperation.


Simona was very accommodating and flexible, as well as lightening fast to respond to any issues or questions I had. She made herself available even for non-DJ issues. Great service and great value. Frank, our DJ, was fantastic and did everything we asked with perfect execution. The photobooth was a hit with my guests and we will cherish the photo album forever!

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2+ years ago

I was really impressed by how much attention I was given for my wedding day. They asked me a lot of questions about what I wanted, and offered a lot of suggestions from their experience.

They were very helpful in planning the music and the entire timeline for the event. Throughout the night they moved the night along by transitioning from one thing to the next. It was nice to sit back and let someone else guide the night along.

They were very easy to talk to and work with. They worked with every request I made. I wanted to dance all night long and they made that happen. They did a great job and I had a blast at my wedding!

The only thing I disliked was that throughout the planning phase they brought up tipping them the night of multiple times.


Simona and Brian were wonderful! From helping with arrangements, picking song,and especially my event, they were awesome to work with. Simona was on the dance floor with all of the kids and made my wedding reception so much fun. I truly didn't worry about any of the music or scheduling with them. I would recommend them to any bride and I know my guests would use their services as well!


Rockin Times did a great job at our wedding. I did have a few issues with communication, though. They asked me to complete a form filled with information, which I did in a timely fashion. A week before our wedding I was getting emails stating it hadn't been completed and needed to be as to not stress them out. Truthfully, this rubbed me a bit. As the bride, I should have been stressed, not the DJ! And to go along with it, two days before the wedding, I received an email asking where a good, cheap hotel might be for them to stay at. I was completely taken aback that two days before the wedding and they hadn't found a place to stay.

As I said, though, on the actual night of the wedding, they did a great job. They listened to what we wanted and played all of our favorite songs as well as requests from our parents friends!


Thoroughly prepard and enthusiastic.